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Gulf Coast Biologics Training & Education Center

Cutting the Regenerative Edge

GCB core objective is to educate physicians and other medical professionals and provide hands-on training workshops, where we introduce and identify the potential of autologous biologics in various treatment modalities. To provide a unique experience in preparation and application techniques and convey how patients can benefit from the dynamic power of regenerative biologics.

November 10-12, 2023, 20 CMEs

Advanced Venue for Advanced Training

Mastering Biologic Pedagogies

Gulf Coast Biologics Training Center is an ideal place for intellectual growth in the field of regenerative medicine. We are committed to evidence based training and clinical research that’s instrumental in improving practical skills and abilities.  One of its primary benefits is the quality of the education provided as a result of highly specialized and experienced faculty and staff.  The center provides advanced didactic and interactive clinical training across a multitude of disciplines and with access to the most advanced technologies, techniques and protocols.

GCB’s cadaver program facilitates realistic hands-on training and assimilated surgical scenarios in a safe and ethically sound environment. It allows attendees to practice complex procedures and explore anatomy variations with the guidance of experienced specialists.

GCB’s live patient demonstration program are a valuable component of its course content as they provide attendees with an opportunity to observe and participate in actual patient care. This type of experience provides a more realistic understanding of treatment application and helps facilitate knowledge retention.

GCB provides a comprehensive understanding of regenerative medicine and its applications and provide opportunities for attendees to collaborate and network to build a sense of community and advance the field as a whole.

Interactive Learning

Interactive learning at GCB provides a more engaging and dynamic learning experience, helping attendees to retain information, build professional networks, and enhance their motivation to learn.


Gulf Coast Biologics fosters professional collaboration, providing attendees with an opportunity to forge inter-professional relationships and advance their clinical expertise in regenerative biologics.


  • I’m really glad I came to take this course.  It really enhanced my knowledge of regenerative medicine, focusing on PRP and bone marrow.  The cadaver portion was exceptional.  They gave really great pearls on injection and ultrasound techniques.

    Kimberly Ross
  • I enjoyed this class quite a bit.  The best thing for me was the ultrasound guidance and doing the injection and having someone who is very knowledgeable right there walking you through it making sure you’re doing it correctly.  Having the experts there is very helpful.

    Kurt Kuhlman
  • The class was extremely well taught, the instructors were extremely knowledgeable, the class flowed extremely well, the hands-on workshop was absolutely phenomenal using the ultrasound machine for the PRP as well as for the aesthetics.  It was absolutely excellent.

    Tracey Leschinsky
  • Today’s course on bone marrow concentrate has been the best course I’ve attended.  The instructors were wonderful, the cadaver lab was even better, in which we utilized the ultrasound technology.  I highly recommend the company for everyone interested in stem cell, PRP, bone marrow, adipose and all.

    Patrice Collier