Our custom built educational center in Fort Myers, FL can host up to 100 attendees and includes large training rooms and a modern conference auditorium. View our upcoming training courses and speaking events here. 

This seminar is open to anyone considering Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) or stem cell therapy as a treatment option and want to learn the ins and outs. You will leave our class knowledgeable about PRP therapy and what the  process entails.

We are committed to providing on-going support and education to the research community. Collaboration among institutes makes it possible to share a wealth of expertise, facilities, and equipment, while our knowledgeable staff works closely with you.

Our team of scientists and practitioners have extensive backgrounds in the medical industry and are ready the help you achieve your goals! We share a passion for thinking in new and different ways.

Learn New Technology and Innovative
Autologous Biological Treatment Options and Techniques



The educational and hands-on training courses offered by Gulf Coast Biologics are dedicated to enhancing your knowledge and understanding of autologous regenerative medicine treatment options and application techniques. These courses combine the delivery of the latest scientific data with introductions to the newest technology behind precision medicine therapies in multiple medical specialties. Our team of highly skilled and renowned regenerative medical professionals provide unique teaching methods, combining clinical didactics with interactive cadaver hands-on workshops. The GCB courses facilitate learners in a unique learning environment and opportunities to work with fluoroscopy and ultrasound imaging techniques, advanced point of care medical laboratory validation equipment, and a variety of state-of-the-art biological processing systems and protocols.


During the training courses, you will learn how to engage in the preparation of different platelet rich plasma formulations, bone marrow harvesting techniques for autologous MSC based cell therapies, as well as learn how to utilize bone marrow and adipose concentrates. All courses have a specific central theme, addressing orthopedic surgery, sports medicine including MSK and spinal disorders, pain management, facial and hair aesthetics, cardiothoracic surgery, chronic wound care management, and other medical conditions.

Attendees can expect to learn on evidence based science, imaged guided application techniques, and laboratory validation options, while earning the ever needed Continuing Medical Education (CME’s) credits, provided by an ACCME organization (Albert Einstein College of Medicine in joint cooperation with Gulf Coast biologics).

Our advanced science and clinical development in autologous biologic therapies training courses are provided in our newly custom-built facility in Fort Myers, FL. The educational center is an elegant, vibrant, and modern training facility where attendees can learn, collaborate, and practice fellowship-like experiences under the guidance of experiences practitioners. The center offers several classrooms, procedure rooms with a variety of armamentarium and imaging devices, and a large auditorium that can seat up to 100 attendees. Our educational programs are designed to safely and effectively introduce and make you familiar with autologous regenerative biological therapies, in order to jumpstart your practice and to facilitate great patient outcomes.

Our Team is Here for You

Join us in our custom built educational center for hands-on training courses with our dedicated team of professionals. The learning objectives are focused on enhancing the knowledgebase of regenerative medicine and applications.

The Gulf Coast Biologics team is highly trained, qualified, and credentialed. Whether you and your staff need to brush up on current skills or learn an entirely new set of skills, we have the training course to deliver to you.

This seminar is open to anyone considering Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) or stem cell therapy as a treatment option and want to learn the ins and outs. You will leave our class knowledgeable about PRP therapy and what the process entails.


At Gulf Coast Biologics, we believe that the proper training and education can increase not only your confidence and teams morale, but your patients results and ultimately their quality of life. We share a passion for thinking in new and different ways and reflect that in our training courses. We offer evidence-based clinical science and techniques that allow the attendees to understand completely and fully integrate these popular procedures within their practices’ immediately. 

Our advanced science and clinical development in autologous biologic therapies training courses offer interactive lectures with industry professionals together with hands-on training. Our specialists are there to provide guidance and ensure the techniques are properly understood. We are here to support you and your staff. Educate yourself in autologous biological regenerative medicine, through didactics, learn and practice ultrasound and fluoroscopy imaging techniques, and preform hands-on injection training in various cadaver specimen.
Learn from our experienced educators and clinicians to become acquainted in delivering PRP protocols, Bone Marrow Concentrate, and Adipose Concentrate treatment options. Take the next step to success today!

Our purpose is to educate physicians and other medical professionals on the effective use of regenerative medicine and provide an interactive venue for our hands-on training workshops. As well as, to educate the general public on the benefits of regenerative medicine and on how to ensure that they are effectively treated by physicians.

The courses introduce new technology and innovative autologous biologic treatment options for a variety of clinical indications. They offer a rich combination of clinical didactics together with interactive workshops. The workshops provide a unique opportunity to work with cadavers, advanced equipment and state-of-the-art processing disposables.