Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Conference held?

Although we don’t have planned or set schedule for our CME conferences, we do try to hold one at least once per quarter.  Our next conference is Bio-Illuminate III International CME Conference from Feb. 4 – 6th at Gulf Coast Biologics.

How can I register?

On the home page of this website, check the main navigation on the top right for a button that Register.   If the button is shown, it means registration for a conference is active.  If it is not shown, it means we are still working out some of the details.  How will you know when the button is showing again?  The best way to stay informed of all conference details is to join our email newsletter.

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Do I need to be a member to participate?

No.  However, since our CME conferences meet a very specific need for the regenerative medicine and autologous biologics sectors of medicine, you should be working in a related area and with Platelet-Rich Plasma to attend.

How can I plan my trip to Fort Myers, FL?

To help you navigate better, you’ll want to check out the pages listed under the main menu item titled Location & Travel on the home page.

On the Conference Venue page, we’ve included information about transportation, directions to our facility and parking.  On our accommodations page, we’ve listed several nearby hotels (three of which are in walking distance to Gulf Coast Biologics) and options for staying in downtown.

Please note, Gulf Coast Biologics is located inside of EmCyte Corporation.  Only signage for EmCyte is on the front of the building.

Can I book a room with a discount?

While we suggest conference attendees stay at the Home 2 Suites by Hilton, it is only due to it’s proximity and walking distance to Gulf Coast Biologics.  We do make attempts to secure discounted room rates for our conference attendees.  If we are able to do so, attendees will be alerted in our monthly newsletter.  If you haven’t joined the newsletter, please do so using the link below.

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What does my registration include?

Registration for our CME conferences includes access to the lecture and hands-on training portions of the conference.   It also includes lunch daily at the conference and covers any materials you might need.

Will there be workshops during the conference?

Absolutely.  What makes our CME conferences unforgettable is our hands-on training that takes place.   Gulf Coast Biologics has four different training rooms in which attendees learn how to properly inject and practice on cadavers, work with lasers to better understand laser therapy, perfect their ultrasound technique and more.   Take a look at the video on our CME page.  In it you’ll see the Bio-Illuminate II conference in action back in September of 2021.

Can a sponsor cover my expenses?

As long as we receive payment, you can make whatever arrangement you like to cover your expenses.  If a credit or debit card other than your own is being used to pay for the conference, we will assume you have permission to use it.  On the registration form, please indicate the name of the person attending the conference.

Do you have parking facilities?

Yes.  We have a front and side parking lot adjacent to our building and there is no cost to conference attendees.


Bio-Illuminate III International CME Conference

June 24 – 26th
(Friday –  Sunday)


Gulf Coast Biologics
4331 Veronica S. Shoemaker Blvd.
Fort Myers, FL  33916

CME Accreditation

Attendees who complete the Bio-Illuminate III CME Conference will receive a
total of 20 CME credits.

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