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Thursday, April 29, 2021

Ortho-biologics is becoming a popular treatment option in OA and a variety of musculoskeletal conditions because it contains an abundance of growth factors, cytokines and/or mesenchymal progenitor cells to modulate the pathogenesis of osteoarthritis. During this webinar, Special guest speaker, Dr. Ken Mautner shares his experiences with bone marrow and adipose prepared products to treat knee OA. In addition to protocols, outcomes, and the latest reports. Our webinar host, Dr. Peter Everts, will discuss the essential biological treatment options for OA, focusing on PRP, mesenchymal stem cell preparations from bone marrow and adipose tissue.

Previous Webinars

This webinar focuses on non-surgical biological hair restoration procedures. Dr. Peter Everts and guest speaker Dr. Gorana Kuka-Epstein discuss why PRP protocols differ, how to choose treatment protocols, plus critical questions you should be asking before starting treatments.

Regenerative medicine is being introduced and investigated in erectile dysfunction therapy as a strategy to restore function. Dr. Peter Everts and guest speaker, Dr. Joseph Banno, discuss the most effective regenerative strategies to treat ED and Peyronie’s disease. 

interest in autologous biological treatments in MSK-orthobiology and sports medicine has increased greatly. There is a global interest in optimizing tissue repair strategies, leading to better patient outcomes. Dr. Peter Everts discusses recent developments regarding PRP.

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