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Hello, I am Peter Everts, Program Director of Gulf Coast Biologics Training and Education Center, thank you for checking out the Gulf coast Biologics Regenerative Medicine Discussions Blog. I will be posting content periodically to the GCB Regen Med Bio-Blog. To begin, let me to introduce myself.

I started my career as a clinical perfusionist in 1981 at the Leiden University in the Netherlands, attracted by the possibilities of extra corporeal circulation technology. During my training, I became interested and, luckily, exposed to several research projects addressing the specific functions and capabilities of various blood cells. This lead me down the road to my career in regenerative medicine treatments.

In the mid 90’s, I founded the first European department of Peri-Operative Blood Management at a teaching hospital in the Netherlands. This state-of-the art department  specialized in autologous cell therapy programs using platelet rich plasma gel (PGL) and fibrin sealants in cardiac and orthopedic surgical procedures (bone grafting and joint replacements) as well as spinal surgical procedures, plastic reconstructive and vascular surgery, including chronic wound care treatments.

After being actively involved in clinical bio-cellular therapies for more than 10 years, I was invited to start a PhD “mission” at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands. After several years of laboratory, animal, and clinical research, I defended my thesis successfully, and received my PhD diploma in 2007 on the subject of “PRP: basic research and applications in orthopedics”.

I collected the entire work in a book titled: “Autologous Platelet-Leukocyte Enriched Gel Basics and Efficacy” A novel method to support soft tissue and bone healing”, (ISBN 13: 978-90-8590-016-0) *.  

The following 10 years, I was a member of the sport medicine steering group at the International Olympic Committee, discussing the use of PRP therapies in sports medicine. In 2010, I co-founded the Da Vinci Clinic in the Netherlands, an expert care center for wound healing, regenerative medicine, and hyperbaric medicine. I held the position as General Director and Chairman of the Board. We organized and executed state of the art chronic wound healing models, including autologous biologics like PRP and MSCs. Fortunately, I was able to continue my scientific activities, leading to various publications in peer-reviewed journals of books.

In July 2017, I happily engaged with EmCyte Corporation, a global leader in autologous biological devices and technologies. My duties include the management of international research projects and developing educational-scientific-hands on training modules. These activities are in close collaboration with K.O.L.’s to produce effective clinical biological treatment protocols.

In my time with EmCyte, I noticed a shortage of scientific based training and education in the autologous biologic treatment therapies. This led to the creation and inception of Gulf Coast Biologics Training and Education Center. Our goal is to educate physicians and medical professionals on the effective use of regenerative medicine treatments and provide an interactive venue for hands-on training workshops. The workshops provide a unique opportunity to work with cadavers, advanced equipment, and state-of-the-art processing disposables. We use evidence based clinical science studies and research to educate the public on the benefits of regenerative medicine and on how to ensure that they are effectively treated by physicians.

The custom-built training center is in Fort Myers, FL and will host their grand opening in October 2020. The center is an elegant, vibrant, and modern training facility where attendees can learn, collaborate, and fellowship. The learning objectives are focused on enhancing the knowledgebase of regenerative medicine treatments and applications and ensuring that physicians understand the benefits of regenerative medicine and to ensure that they are effectively treating patients.

In my private time I like to be around my family, including two German Shepherds, Wolf Dog, and cat, play a round of golf and enjoy the game of Pickleball.



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