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Our team is dedicated to providing the latest advancements in regenerative medicine treatment options to practitioners and their teams around the world. This industry is fast-paced, ever-evolving and demanding which is why we teach the latest methods, know-how and technological applications, allowing physicians to provide their patients with life-changing treatments and therapies.

In today’s hectic and challenging times, there is little time to attend training seminars, learn new advancements or network with other physicians. Gulf Coast Biologics helps fill the gap in the market for on-the-go education and professional development opportunities. Our educational center provides you with priceless information and guidance digitally and at your fingertips.
 There is no substitute for “Hands-On” experience and we are excited to begin courses soon in our 
newly custom built educational center in Fort Myers, FL. We can also schedule a live webinar with you and your team to provide the same in-depth training, virtually. If you have any questions or comments,  please email or call us at (239) 478-2284

The courses are focused on enhancing the knowledgebase of regenerative medicine and applications.

Read the latest articles written and reviewed by author’s that are recognized researchers in their field.

We are committed to providing on-going support and education to the research community.

Our team has extensive backgrounds in the medical industry and are ready the help you achieve your goals.

Our educators love to share knowledge, experiences and the latest news in our blogs.

Making it easier for you to stay smarter, stay informed of the upcoming events and publications from the GCB team!

Attendee Testimonials

Hear what past Gulf Coast Biologics attendees are saying about their experiences! The courses at Gulf Coast Biologics offers evidence-based clinical science and techniques that allow the attendees to understand completely and fully integrate these popular procedures within their practices’ immediately.

The quality of work that was done by the instructor was done beyond belief. I would highly recommend the course. It is their technique, how they taught the procedure and how they performed it, and I’ve had it done before. It was day and night different from what I’ve experienced.

Arkam Rehman, MD

Joint Health USA, LLC

I really enjoyed the course. I feel that it targeted people at all levels. You can gain knowledge if you were a beginner … Or more advanced. The hands-on experience was amazing. We had a lot of time and patient instructors. That was a really great opportunity to be training in the theory and the basic science of it and also with the practice of it.

Myriam LaCerte, MD

University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital

I am really glad that I came to take this course. It really enhanced the knowledge of regenerative medicine focusing on PRP and bone marrow. The cadaver portion was incredible.

Kimberly Ross, MD

University of Miami

I enjoyed this class quite a bit. The best thing for me was the ultrasound guidance doing the injection, having someone that’s very knowledge right there, holding your hand making sure you are doing it correctly… To have the experts right there was really really helpful.

Kurt Kuhlman, DO

Physical & Aesthetic Medicine, Lima, OH